QuickBooks is an Intuit-developed and distributed accounting software program. The solutions from QuickBooks are aimed largely at SMEs and include on-site accounting apps as well as cloud-based versions that take corporate payments, invoices, and payroll services.

Six Benefits of QuickBooks Online for Startups

  • Online QuickBooks provides reasonable rates.
  • A wide variety of functions is provided for Quickbooks Online.
  • With many other financial tools, QuickBooks Online integrates.
  • It’s easy to utilize QuickBooks Online.
  • With bookkeepers, accountants, and financial companies, QuickBooks Online is popular.
  • QuickBooks Online saves your records in the cloud safely.

Change a QuickBooks Desktop license number or product code:

Sometimes you need to modify your QuickBooks Desktop license or product code. How to do it, here is.

Change the license number.

The license number can be changed without the application being deleted and reinstalled.

QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

  • Change My License Number and Manage My License under the QuickBooks Help menu.
  • Enter the new license number, then select Finish Next.

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

  • Select Manage My License from the QuickBooks menu and then Deauthorize this PC.
  • Select Reauthorized and Quit when you see the popup.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and follow the procedure of registration. You can input another license.

How to Update Your QuickBooks?

You may use several techniques to download QuickBooks updates. Make sure your connection to the internet is quick and good. Here are your alternatives:

  • QuickBooks Automatic Method Update (default setting)
  • Manual QuickBooks Update on request Method Release Download

After downloading updates, QB itself starts to install all the required files and directories on your computer at the proper location. When you next restart your QuickBooks, you will receive a Notification to apply the update. It is also possible that you need to close QB and restart it to make upgrades effective. In multi-user mode, if you use QuickBooks, installation on all machines is essential.

Automatic QuickBooks Update Method:

  • Go to the “Help menu” open the QuickBooks.
  • Click on the ‘QuickBooks update’ button and wait until the QuickBooks update box opens.
  • Click the Options tab. Please click.
  • To deactivate the Automatic Update Method, choose “Yes” or “No.” Select “Yes.”
  • (You will keep receiving notifications even after deactivating the Automatic Update option, asking if you want the update service to be used. These notifications are only reminder messages and do not need or make an update accessible.)
  • Click Save to close. 

Immediate Update Method:

  • Go to the “Help menu” and “Update QuickBooks” to open QuickBooks.”
  • On the “Now update” tab, click.
  • Click on “Return to Updates” to choose the updates to download. In the Updates column, you can learn more about the upgrade. Tap the link “Maintenance releases,” and a new page with the “Change / Enhancements” data will appear.
  • The Quickbook program is closed and rebooted, and a popup appears asking you now or later to set up the upgrade. Click Now (or Yes) to install the update if you notice the notification.
  •  Just after the installation is complete, restart your computer.

How can you upgrade the new QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Click on “QuickBooks Desktop newest version.”
  • To open the ‘file menu,’ choose Open or ‘Company Restore.’
  • Click the ‘Company file’ button and click the ‘Next.’
  • To open it, click on the “data file.”
  • Follow any instructions if the Move Company File window shows up.

Read the “New Version Company Update File” information. To indicate that you agree, check the box and then click “Update Now.”

  • Follow the steps provided for making a file backup.
  • Open the latest version of QuickBooks after your company file has been updated. Once you have received the “Will you continue” question, select “Yes?”

You may upgrade your desktop QuickBooks to the newest edition with the steps outlined in this article. And we hope that you can leverage QB Accounting software and achieve your company objectives with the latest upgrades and features. Once you do read this blog, if you want to find out how to download QuickBooks with license number, you must go through the steps that are given above, as you would be able to find the answer to the significant questions like, can you change QuickBooks license number