QuickBooks is an accounting software which allows you to track the inflow and outflow of money. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and hours and hours of going through your finances. Organize and manage your projects and products in a simpler stress-free way. Simplify your routines with automated reports and workflows and get insights to grow your business. QuickBooks also allows you to track inventory and project profitability. All these tasks using just one software seems is definitely worth the price. The best part about QuickBooks is the gear icon. This must make you wonder what is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

Once you read this blog you would be able to find out where is the gear icon in QuickBooks? Read to find out what does the gear icon look like? or you could be one of the people who have already seen the gear icon but do not know that what is the gear icon in QuickBooks. Tackling one question at a time, this article will solve all your doubts related to QuickBooks’ gear icon.

Well, you can say that the gear icon QuickBooks online looks like a figure of a gear like those in clocks. Now, onto the next question:

Where is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

 It is located in the upper right corner of the QuickBooks page. This “gear” icon or rather, settings, contains many options including your Account.

First, login to your QuickBooks and look at the top right of the screen as mentioned above. It should be available right next to the Company File. Wondering where is the settings in QuickBooks?  Now that’s a trick, the gear icon is said to be the Settings option in the QuickBooks application, It will be located right in the middle of the Create menu which looks like a plus (+) and the help button which is a question mark (?).

QuickBooks Online does not offer one but two icons, which are the “+” icon and the gear icon. To sum it all up, the plus (+) icon handles all the Transactions of your company that is the inflow and outflow of money is available in the plus icon. The second icon, that is the gear icon, has all the settings option, The traditional menu has been modified by QuickBooks to improve the user friendliness of the application.

Now that you know where is the gear icon in QuickBooks, you can check out the steps.  Go through the main areas of the said gear icon and you will also be able to find out What is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

So, the four main areas of the gear icon are:

  1. The settings
  2. Tools
  3. The lists and
  4. The company.

What is the settings option used for in QuickBooks?

The settings option or the customizations option in QuickBooks is what allows you to customize the company information such as the name, address, email address etc. It also allows users to customize field or templates or even helps you change the required field of the transactions.

What is the Tools option used for in QuickBooks?

The tools option in QuickBooks is what allows users to reconcile with the bank and also set up a budget. Suppose you have made a mistake or rather, a mistake has been made, to solve this problem, the tools option is the most profitable solution.

What is the lists option used for in QuickBooks?

 The list options allow you to view the transactions that occur multiple times, that is, recurring transactions, products, and services. There are multiple options on the gear icon to view and display the transactions list, from where you can edit or change the missing data as necessary.

What is the company option used for in QuickBooks?

The company option in QuickBooks allows you to manage you and your QuickBooks Online Account.

What to do if the Gear Icon disappears?

When the gear icons disappear, it is generally when you make changes to QuickBooks online features. In order to solve this problem, all you have to do is refresh the page multiple times. You can refresh the page by two methods:

  1. The first options is to click the F5 key visible on your keyboard
  2. The second method is to right click the mouse. A pop up menu should appear. In that menu look for the refresh option and click on it.

If refreshing the page does not solve your problem you can also try a different method mentioned below.

Steps to solve the Gear Icon disappearing problem:

  1. Open QuickBooks. You must do so using the incognito tab.
  2. Now, check whether you are able to see the gear icon or not.
  3. Now, open your browser and clear the cache. This will help you solve all the browser related problems occurring while using QuickBooks

You can also try opening a private browser. To open a private browser, follow these shortcuts:

For internet explorer:

Internet explorer > ctrl + shift + P

For google chrome:

Google chrome > ctrl +shift + N

For Safari:

Safari > command + shift + N

For Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox > ctrl + shift + P

We can also clear the data by:

  1. Safari- Open the safari browser in the incognito tab. Now, go to History. Click Clear History. A screen with options will appear on the screen. Select the date and time range to clear the data
  2. Google Chrome: Open the Google Chrome browser in the incognito tab. Now, go to Settings and click on More Option. Switch to the Clear Browsing Data Tab and select from the data that will be displayed on the screen and click on clear data to clear it.
  3. Internet Explorer: Open Internet explorer browser. Now, go to settings and select Privacy and Services. Select clear browsing data. You also have to provide the date and time range of the data that you want to be cleared. Now, select Clear Now option. The selected data will get deleted. If you want to delete it permanently click on the trash icon.

Now that you’ve learnt how to manage your QuickBooks data, you’re good to go. Don’t let the fuss of accounting bother you anymore. Switch to QuickBooks for hassle free accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. Go through the steps and so you will be able to find out what or where is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

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