Printers are almost everywhere today. Although not a newborn, but with technology end number of companies manufacture printers across the globe. Brother Industry is one out of many. Japanese company by origin but one can have access to it at any corner of the world.

However, it is not without difficulties. Brother printer users have reported the issue “brother printer not connecting to PC” more frequently.

This blog is a good fit for you if you have confronted a similar problem of “my brother printer not connecting to my PC”.

Brother Printer that is brand new often finds difficulty in establishing connection at the first shot. It is where most users get stuck with the question “why is my brother printer not connecting to my PC?” Faulty printers or brother printer won’t print from my computer have some generic causes which can be listed as below:-

  •     Faulty Hardware: A faulty hardware can be the culprit behind Brother Printer not connecting to PC. Often hardware malfunctions keep the printer away from printing.
  •     Outdated printer Driver . An outdated version of the printer driver that has become obsolete. Printer drivers are software applications that allow your computer to connect with your printer. They are also known as printer drivers. Even if you installed your printer driver from the disc that came with your printer, changes in your computer’s configuration or operating system can cause these drivers to stop functioning correctly.
  •     It is also possible that a brother printer won’t print as a result of setup issues or a physical fault. Ascertain that the printer has sufficient paper and ink or toner, and that the paper tray is closed so that the printer may begin printing. It is also possible that you have a paper jam that is preventing your printer from responding.
  •     Poor connectivity of the USB to the computer. A loose USB or a damaged USB port can be the reason. USB printer port is a socket integrated into a printer that allows the printer to be connected to a computer through a USB cable. When a USB plug is inserted into the port, it is connected to a USB port on the computer, allowing the devices to be connected. through the use of a USB cable This eliminates the need for a cumbersome printer cord to connect to a parallel port on the computer.

However, it is not daunting to bring a faulty Brother Printer won’t print from computer into gear. The quick fixes will help to check the faulty printer and ensure its smooth functioning:-

First, ensure that the printer and computer are well connected. If the printer is connected to your computer by USB, just re-plug it and try another USB port in case the previous one is broken. If you have a wireless Brother printer, make sure your computer and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network. If none of them are in place then the Brother printer not connecting to PC is obvious to happen.

The default printer is usually used by your computer. So, make your Brother printer your default printer for all print jobs.

Restarting the Print Spooler is a must to keep away faulty brother printers. No print jobs will be sent to your Brother printer if the Print Spooler service is down. This service can be restarted to reactivate your printer.

Now see if your Brother printer returns to normal and acts the way it should. If the same problem occurs, the culprit may be your printer driver,

Update your printer driver. A range of printer-related problems is caused by a wrong or out-of-date printer driver. So if you’re troubled by the non-working Brother printer, be sure to update its driver and see if the problem gets resolved.

Clearing the print queue has proved to be one of the great fixes to address “Why my brother printer not connecting to PC?” Failed or stuck print queue will also prevent your Brother printer from functioning smoothly. If so, clearing the queued output jobs can resume the printing process right away.

Missing or damaged system files can also lead to various printer issues and prevent your printer from working normally. You can simply run the Windows System File Checker to scan your computer and repair the corrupted system files. However, for more stubborn issues related to DLL or Windows Registry Key, you may need a professional repair tool.

Reimage is a PC repair solution with various powerful functions. It can not only deal with hardware-related issues, but also detect any security threats like viruses or malware, and improve your PC’s stability. Most importantly, it doesn’t harm your custom settings and data.

Print from other programs. Sometimes, the Brother printer won’t print issues that only happen with certain programs. You can test the printer by printing from another program. If it works well, the problem lies in the application you run and you should contact its vendor or developer for further assistance. But if the problem remains, please proceed to the last fix.

Factory reset your Brother printer. If none of the methods above works for you, a factory reset should be your last resort. However, it has to be kept in mind that this action will remove all the printer settings and archives. Hence keep a store of all essentials and perform a factory reset to bring the printer back to gear

While Brother Printers are a great way to meet your printing needs, there are times when you will encounter various issues with the printer, such as why my Brother printer is not connecting to my PC, Brother Printer Scanner not connecting to computer, and so on and so forth. Despite the fact that these obstacles are irritating, discovering the cause of the issue recurrence and fixing the issues may save you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent searching for a professional.