Printers are of no use without ink. Ink is the heart of a printer. Over a period of time many printers have been booming in the market, Hp printer is one them. Although hallmarked by durability and high speed, it is subject to malfunctions. Since its inception, printing issues in HP have been ever persisting.

HP printer not responding to your command can be vexing, especially in week days when you cannot expect any of your tech-stuff to go wrong. Often a slew of reasons contribute to HP printer not working that mostly remain hidden until discovered causing the printer to go slow. HP printer not responding cannot be afforded by those who usually have a printer either oriented to a laptop or a personal computer. Thus, it can be rightly said that a printer whatsoever is not without utility.


HP printer like its fellow printers is prone to malfunctions which often get manifested as HP printer not printing. This can  be either a paper jam or a faulty ink cartridge. However, HP printer not printing in color occurs as a result of some most generic reasons which include:-

  •     The ink cartridge has to be blamed for many Hp printers not printing in color. There is a good chance that you are routinely printing high-density documents, which can cause your ink cartridges to run out of ink extremely soon. Print density has a significant impact on ink usage. This can be possible that every time you print, it is the lack of ink making it hazy.
  •     A toner cartridge that keeps leaking and wasting ink has to be blamed for printing issues in HP. Spilled toner might result in a powdery mess within the printer, a soiled item of clothing, or splotchy prints. Toner that is smearing or leaking may be a real cause of printer malfunctions.
  •     Dust, air bubbles and dried ink are the most common causes of a clogged print head. Excess or dried-up ink in the print nozzles may be removed by running your machine’s print head cleaning cycle. In other words a filthy print head can result in any printers malfunctioning. Hp is not any exception.
  •     When an HP printer fails to function, the incorrect printer settings are often to fault. On a system with too many peripherals to support a direct connection, the USB hub printer you connected may not operate.
  •      Driver for the printer is out of date. An out-of-date printer driver that is no longer supported. Drivers for printers are software programmes that enable your computer to communicate with your printer. Printer drivers are another name for them.
  •     HP printer not printing in color because of a problem with the configuration or a physical defect. You must ensure that the printer has enough paper and ink or toner to begin printing, and that the paper tray has been closed. Alternatively, a paper clog might be keeping your printer from working.


With all of these causes culminating to HP error codes, the most common symptoms that can help you identify these problems include:-

  •     A frequent paper jam in the printer.
  •     Blank paper print outs every time you try to print.
  •     Printing timing has become filthy and ink leaking continuously.
  •     An unusual sound at the time of printing.


A common question that wraps round the head of many HP printer users when nothing goes right with their printer is “How to fix HP printer not printing in color?” Despite these malfunctions, an Hp printer that is malfunctioning can be put back in gear with some quick fixes :-

  •     A shortage of ink is the most prevalent cause of HP printers not producing color text. In order to determine whether your HP printer isn’t producing color, first do a visual check and replace any ink cartridges that are empty. Here are the procedures to visually examine and replace the cartridges:

o  Open the printer’s front lid and inspect its ink supply.

o  Install a new ink cartridge if the ink level is low.

o  Whether the HP printer’s ink cartridge is full but the colors aren’t printing properly, the next step is to see if the ink has expired.

  •     A filthy print head might also be the source of the problem with your HP printer not printing in color. As a part of the printing process, ink is applied to paper and text is produced that looks good. After cleaning the print head according to the onscreen instructions, run a print quality test to make sure everything looks OK.
  •     To fix HP Printer Color Not Printing it is required to enable the printer color command. Afterwards, if the HP printer color option is disabled, activate it to fix the problem. Using these easy steps, you can get your HP printer to print color again.

o  Select “Settings” from the “Start” menu.

o  Color is not printing on my HP printer.

o  “Printers” may be found under the “Settings” menu.

o  click-on-Printers

o  You can access the properties of your printing system by selecting “Properties” with the right click of your mouse mange-printers

o  Right-click on the properties page and choose “Printing options.”

o  Color prints are not coming out of the HP printer.

o  Select “Color” from the “Paper/quality” drop-down menu that appears.

o  Click ok

  •     Apart from ink shortage it can be a broken ink cartridge resulting in HP printer error code In order to fix the problem of HP printer not printing in color, insert a new ink cartridge and resume printing.

If none of these fixes check the printing issues in HP, seek for assistance from the Hp customer care services. HP printer not correctly printing should not be left to boom. HP printers too can become sluggish but no longer with these quick fixes.