Desktop malfunctions, although not a rare occurrence, can be daunting if they occur frequently. Windows users overseas have been confronted with Windows 10 malfunctions that had put all their work to halt. One such malfunction manifested in Windows 10 desktop missing. One out of every two windows users have to meet up with such an error where the entire desktop screen goes off or turns black and the icons in the desktop also disappear. Windows 10 desktop missing can be vexing for one who has to carry out their daily computer needs.

If you are one such Windows 10 user and seeking for a solution to “How to find Windows 10 desktop missing?”

This article is just for you!

Windows 10 desktop missing can out many technical glitches. There are many causes that are to be blamed for Windows 10 missing desktop screen. Usually when you try to log in into your desktop you are received with a blank screen that has nothing. The icons, important files seem to disappear. These Windows 10 malfunction can be caused by the following:-

  •     A virus or a malware attack should have to be blamed. Often Windows 10 missing desktop screen occurs when malware corrupts the computer system disabling its normal functioning.
  •     Misconfigured programs prevent the Explorer.exe process from being launched. When you log in, the Windows desktop is not seen because the explorer process cannot be started.

However, whenever a problem arises, there is a solution to it. Windows 10 desktop can be brought back into gear with some quick and easy going steps. These quick fixes have proved to be beneficial to many Windows 10 users.

How to fix Windows 10 disappeared comes with six quick fixes that will help bring a missing desktop and icons back in place.

  •     If the Windows 10 desktop missing occurs it is imperative to begin the explorer.exe process manually if you are unable to or your start menu after an application starts or when you log into Windows.

o   Simply press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard at the same time that will bring up a list of all of your open applications.

o   The red arrow pointer to the Task Manager option on the screen. The Task Manager will now be launched.

o   To open a new task creation dialogue box, click on the Run new task button on the screen.

o   Enter explorer in the new task area and then press the OK button.

You’ll be able to view the desktop and start menu once again after hitting the OK button.

  •     Both Desktop and Tablet Modes comes pre-installed in Windows 10 .Windows 10 desktop icons tend to go missing if the latter(Tablet mode )

o   You can access the system settings by reopening the Settings menu and clicking on “System.”

o   Turn off “Tablet mode” in the left pane. Check to see whether your desktop icons are visible after closing the Settings window.

With disabling the desktop mode you get a solution on “how to find windows 10 missing desktop?”

  •     Corrupt files in the system might cause problems for Windows 10, and this is something to be aware of since Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the System File Checker. It’s also known as a “SFC scan,” and it’s the one stop solution when it comes to diagnosing the system with corrupted files. The missing Windows 10 desktop screen and icons have been solved by running this scan. You need to do this in order to run it.
  •     The next step is to ensure that you’ve got the most recent version of Windows 10 installed. How to fix Windows 10 desktop disappeared by installing the most recent version of Windows 10. Many users have reported that an update has fixed known flaws and added new and interesting features. When it comes time to upgrade to Windows 10,steer through these instructions

o   Choose “Settings” from the Start menu. The Windows + I keyboard shortcut is also an option.

o   The “Update & Security” tile may be clicked on.

o   Maintain your focus on the “Windows Update” tab, which is the default.

o   The “Check for updates” option should now be selected.

o   Click “Install” and wait for Windows 10 to download and install the update if one is detected.

  •     Your desktop icon visibility may have been disabled, causing them to vanish. This might be a result of human mistake or a recent programme you’ve been using. Please follow these instructions to turn it back on.

o   Right-click on a blank area of your desktop.

o   Expand the options by clicking on the “View” option in the context menu.

o   Select “Show desktop icons” and then click “Apply.”

Your icons should return right away. If you don’t, we’ll go on to the next step.

  •     The last resort to bring the missing Windows 10 desktop back in its form is to perform a reset of the computer system. To do a clean reset of Windows 10, follow these instructions. Either all your personal data is saved, or a new system is installed and all data is wiped clean.

o   Choose “Settings” from the Start menu. The Windows + I keyboard shortcut is also an option.

o   The “Update & Security” tile may be clicked on.

o   Make a beeline towards “Recovery.”

o   Header “Reset this PC” should appear. All you have to do is click the “Get started” button that appears just below it.

o   Personal files may be kept or not, depending on whether or not you wish to. While your programmes are deleted, you may keep your personal files protected.

Your system will be restarted. Hopefully this fixes the issue of Windows 10 desktop missing.

This troubleshooting guide has been able to keep away the Windows 10 missing desktop screen in a jiffy. Most users have been able to do away these Windows 10 malfunctions in a hassle free manner.